Being 2.0: On Culture, Belonging, and Identity

After 3 years of work, I am happy to announce that my new book, Being 2.0, is out.

The book, more than a project of personal nature, is the result of years of reflection upon various themes that I hold close to my heart. Identity, evolution, culture, being, relationships… are all facets that we experience permanently, that we create and recreate over time. Paradoxically, if they constantly change, they are also the same.

The project started a few years ago, while I was contemplating various ideas and themes, and reflecting on my life. I thought about my parents, and unexpectedly,  a wave of feelings struck a deep cord in me: I didn’t fullyunderstand my parent’s history, and its impact on my life, as a son of immigrant. How curious. Born in France, I found myself to be in an interesting predicament: neither fully Algerian, nor fully French, I was sitting on an in-between, lost in the interstices of my own confusion. For I was born on France, how could I not relate to it fully? Ongoing conflicts between these two countries is something real, something which has been going on for 188 years. And if this conflict is not fully mine, how could I feel a need to understand it? Why did I need to grasp the meaning of an ideological battle that sublimated the will of the Algerian people, and the war waged in the hopes of putting an end to their rampant submissiveness?

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