Religious and Theological Themes in The Matrix

In an attempt to decipher the meaning of contemporary movies and their relationship to archaic religious symbology, I will discuss here the movie The Matrix, made by the Wachowskis. There is no need to introduce the movie to the reader, given its success and the broad range of studies and articles that were published once the movie released. The Matrix is a science fiction movie released in 1999, written and directed by The Wachowskis. The film depicts a dystopian world in which reality is a computer simulation, the Matrix, created by machines to control the human population. The movie belongs to the “cyberpunk” genre, and incorporates many cinematographic, literary, philosophical, religious, and mythological references. This includes ideas and concepts from Christianity, Gnostic theology, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The movie is considered to be a science fiction classic, and became a worldwide success right after its release, thanks to the quality of the narration, its visual effects, as well as the depth of the themes discussed in the movie.

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