Black Deserts

Black deserts and golden dust. Distant winds and opaque silences. Black deserts and golden dust. Distant silence and opaque winds. Fleeing chimeras of my breath, leaving only as an echo what the soft night settles. Black gold, glittering murmurs that you let fly in the air, and which settle down to form the grains of my livid thoughts.

Hearts made of crystalline beats for a cool darkness that unfolds at our feet. It is in your bosom that I lay a fine sand, leaving on your breast only the effluvium of our past days and distant memories.

Sweet joys and multiple forms, shadows and traces on the curves that a body draws, that a voice revives, that a look sublimes.

End of all these gestures, light of all these words, and fleeing from all these emotions, in your desert of black gold I see my beats.

Let your songs in the shade resound, let them come to me, let me better understand the words, better hearing the sounds, better understanding the intentions.

Intoxicating dance, singular melodies, rhythmed by the course of days, a golden sun, blinded, and I see you. For this dance, and for all those to come, let me be forgotten, and let Orpheus displays its splendour as he pleases. For all the days to come in this black desert, I would only feel these distant winds, when your silences become opaque.

Shining diamond with a thousand lights, and soft lips made of a rare jewel. I contemplate them and lose at my feet more than a grain of fine sand. The joys of your multiplied forms only leave me the songs which your body draws.

Black desert, made of gold, black desert made of diamonds. Fresh nights caressing my awakening, and the perennial moons that your hair reflects. Rains of stars that embrace your dunes, the heart of a distant rider whom a mirage calls, this is the near breath that your desire brings.

Tornadoes of your joys, and stones in this black desert, flowing hourglass, eternal shadows, traced on the curves that your body draws…

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