Slice of Eternity

Another moment that passed by, another slice of Eternity. An endless pit at the bottom of the life center, thousands steps in a frozen sea. Another hit for the narrative to unveil perspectives whence my emotions shift, where so much is so little, and where fixture goes adrift. I wonder how hundreds of waves can be contained in one puddle, and how two drops end up in one sea.

Another moment that ended, another slice of Reality. If I miss a truth that never existed and that I never had, how could I ever state my needs? For enacting what has to be seen, how coud I ever carry on such deed? Tuning in, but missing out, loving but leaving before leaning toward a bitterness for false premises. I contemplate a void that I can only silently cry out loud, for which a breeze offers as an echo a shroud.

Another moment that started, another slice of Fragility. Joy and sorrow fusing into dyads, a rancor that stems pours false promises of real hopes. I wonder how many chimeras will be here, chanting written words, singing a mesmerizing truth full of lies, and full of life. Beneath the surface of my own perception are wandering words, lost souls composed of all the emotions I’ve ever felt, all the people I’ve ever loved, all the words I’ve ever left .

Another moment that ended, another slice of Futility. Traveller, for I become the sailor on uncharted lands, I fill bags of desires with a handful of reject. I close my eyes and I see. I see the nothingness that seems to be everything. Dull my heart, blind my shadows, and light the juncture of two opposites sides. As I find respite, I push the raft to the reefs that prevail, and if I succeed, I fail.

Another slice of eternity, another moment. If this is the only I could ever live, I then allow my dreams to be a disappearing reality; the mere speck on the canvas of my dilutions, my delusions, and my dissolution. Indifference to such states, as I gaze. Laying down words on an empty bed, my hopes turn into a sled; as the blades glide over, this pain is momentarily forever. I tune in, but I miss out. I hoped in, but I left out…

Two attempts, two sides of the same coin, therein lies my predicament.

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