The Day I Met You


The day I met you, during a cold night of December.

The rain falling from the sky to the window,

From my head to my heart, softens my wishes.

Let it unfold I said. For more leaves would fall in the winter.

For a night where I saw more than what my eyes could see,

For more than what my hands could feel;

An opalescence casting away the dark of the night.

Chasing my heights and dissolving my sight.

I don’t know you said. Yet for me it was clear.

Thunders outside the comfort of your words

Wonders that left a delicate touch of dreams:

What a soft and blissful move in this night made of gleams.


Nine, twenty-one. The clock ticks as an old rock cracking,

And as I saw you, tyrian, cerulean, and fuchsias appeared.

Do you need me I asked before a long silence echoed,

It sublimated my stillness, and revealed more than I would impose.

Ten, twenty-two, as time dilutes, the air diffuses a depth.

Never I said I would ever instil with hate my breath.

Deep longing being left ashore: Let it leave you said.

A night where I met more than what a life is worth,

When few gems revealed themselves.

Grabbing a handful of silly hopes,

Letting the water showing more than one old rope.

The narratives unfolded in an instant, desiring to be seen,

Dance in a cold night, open before me your being.

Bring your canvas for I will deploy my colors.

Open your softening heart in your beauty and its splendour.


Twenty-three, eleven. Wonderful fragrances for my smell,

Dully my heart, for a beauty made manifest in its eternity.

For more than one layer to unravel, it gave me hope as well.

Show me in me the tree of truth, and see me you said,

And hold me before the fruits we bear.

Time dilutes itself, yet we travelled more than we rested.

If such hopes were heard, it would have left me in a new world.

Changes, over an opaque veneer, and more than one door left ajar.

Let’s not do it you said. I agreed yet slowly disappeared afar.

I had to fade, you had to follow your fate.

What a strange feeling. Needs burning, trying to be felt.

Wants disappearing, avoiding to be said.

While I offered in a shroud a tear,

I also tamed more than one fear,

For you to go, and for me to appear,

For a dyad that would forever leave.


In this night of December I met you.

And when we both left, I said I would miss you.

Dreams and wounds remained vivid.

Yet didn’t we hope to be healed?

When me missed each other, more than one drop felt.

I would burry these hopes, as volatile futilities.

For your love was the herald of a new age,

I couldn’t turn more than one page.

The silence of the clock and the wind of the winter told me:

Hopes more than dreams would forever remain,

As being awaken always prevails.


Twelve, twenty-four. I close my eyes and finally see…

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